Flotation Therapy

Flotation Therapy

Windsor's First Sensory Isolation Flotation Tank

Our float tank was designed to create an environment free of all sound and free of all light. It is also seemingly free of gravity as the Epsom salt solution simulates the experience of weightlessness. The design of the tank is based upon the work of doctor John C. Lilly. His research into the state of sensory isolation is described in his book, the Deep Self.

The tank employs modern techniques of soundproofing such as are used in home theater and recording studios. It's a walk-in tank, lined with blue glass mosaic tile. Inside the tank is one of the quietest and most serene places that you have ever been. This is the ideal environment for reaching a deep meditative state and a state of tranquility and introspection. Our tank is tall enough to stand up inside of. The door is easy to open and has a magnetic seal similar to a refrigerator. The seal serves the dual purpose of sealing out ambient sound, as well as keeping the door closed without the use of a latch.

Our float tank is unique. One of the things that makes our tank different is the lengths that we have gone to, to make our float tank as quiet as possible. We believe that you will find the inside of our tank to be one of the quietest places you have ever been. We've also made it a priority that our float tank is spacious, aesthetically pleasing and a comfortable environment to spend time in. We believe that there is no other float tank quite like ours anywhere. You'll find that time spent in our float tank provides a truly unique and genuine sensory isolation experience.

If you're not familiar with floating, you can find many interesting articles and videos on the Internet explaining the many physical and mental benefits that flotation therapy provides. Feel free to come into the spa and talk to us about our float tank or call us. You can also use our convenient online booking system to schedule your flotation therapy session.

Our float tank is maintained according to a strict standard of hygiene and safety. To learn more about how we maintain the quality of the water in our float tank read more here.