About La Fleur Spa

About La Fleur Spa

Windsor's Luxury Spa

La Fleur Spa is a full service luxury spa. In addition to all the services that you would normally expect at a spa, we have added some things that you might not see at other spas. For example, we specialize in high quality spray tanning and we are the first business in Windsor to offer sensory isolation flotation therapy.

We like to be a little bit different, to try to offer a little more. We are always considering adding new services as new technology becomes available and as new and exciting products and spa procedures appear in the marketplace. A few examples are the OPI Gel Lacquer System and the Silky Skin permanent hair removal system. We also try to make the tried and true procedures a little better by using the best products that we can find and taking a little extra time to try to make a routine procedure something special. An example of this is in the oil that we use for massages. Mineral oil is pretty much an industry standard. But, we never use mineral oil. Knowing that these oils are absorbed into the skin and assimilated into the cells of the body, we prefer natural unrefined cold pressed organic plant oils.

The atmosphere in a spa can make a difference in your spa experience. We are located in a modern commercial building with all the latest state of the art equipment. But, we also like to have a little taste of the old world style, the elegant and the classic. We love the old authentic lead glass chandeliers, the charm of unique eclectic style pieces of furniture and art. We hope that as you relax in the spa to the sound of soft music that you never want to leave. Leaving the spa more beautiful than you have ever been is just an added benefit.

We are very conveniently located near the heart of Windsor on Riverside Drive. We are just minutes from Caesar's Windsor Casino and Hotel and the US border. Parking is easy and convenient and we validate your ticket.

Please enjoy the video below as Marlene takes you on a tour of the spa and talks about the services and products that we offer